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Bachelor of Business Management Study Program

Entrepreneurial Leaders

Fields of Expertise

Marketing Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management

Career Path

1. Professional Marketer
2. Finance Specialist
3. Human Resources Specialist
4. Entrepreneur

The Bachelor of Business Management Study Program is Excellent-accredited, with expertise in Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship Management and can be completed within 8 semesters.

Study program is in cooperation with various leading companies and start-ups in Indonesia

The curriculum is designed to strengthen the competency base of students in the management field through Blended Learning system with the opportunity to cross-study through the Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program.

This program also provide the Recognition of Prior Learning for afternoon class students who already have work experience as employees and/or entrepreneurs.

Featured Courses

Marketing ManagementThis course discusses marketing concepts, marketing strategies, strategic marketing in general and its application in the business world, particularly in successful corporations. Marketing cases in Indonesia are the topic of discussion in this class.
Destination MarketingThis course discusses the application of marketing management in managing tourist destinations. Apart from that, marketing strategies, application of marketing research, creation and management of brands in destinations are also discussed. Examples of the development of tourist destinations in Indonesia become the material for discussion in this class.
Consumer BehaviorThis course discusses the concepts of consumer behavior and the application of theoretical concepts to marketing strategies and decision making for private and government organizations. The material provided includes consumer behavior, internal and external influences on consumer behavior, organizations as consumers and marketing regulations. The topic of consumer behavior in Indonesia is a specialty in this course.
Strategic ManagementThis course is an integration of general management functions, namely marketing, finance, operations and human resources. This course is intended to train students to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as assess the opportunities and threats faced by companies, which then will be formulated into company strategies, especially in Indonesia.


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