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Quality education based on Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship

16 Undergraduate Study Programs are available to assist and prepare students to contribute to the nation.

Find out more about Undergraduate Programs at Untar that suit your interests and talents.

Faculty of Economics and Business

Business Management

Creating Entrepreneurial Leaders

Faculty of Economics and Business

Business Accounting

We Provide Global Auditor and Accountants

Faculty of Law


Excellence in Arbitrage and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Faculty of Engineering


Creating Architects that Holds Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurial Skills

Faculty of Engineering

Civil Engineering

Excellence in Building Constructions and Infrastructures

Faculty of Engineering

Urban and Regional Planning – Real Estate

Real Estate Education Based on
Urban Planning

Faculty of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Innovative Technopreneur in Mechanical and Automation Design

Faculty of Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Excellence in Hardware and Software-Based Design

Faculty of Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Creating Professional and Entrepreneurial Industrial Leaders

Faculty of Medicine


Focuses on Elderly Citizens Health Management

Faculty of Psychology


Improves Digital Generation Life Quality

Faculty of Information Technology

Informatics Engineering

Excellence in Computational Intelligence

Faculty of Information Technology

Information Systems

Excellence in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Database

Faculty of Arts and Design

Interior Design

Creative Interior Problem Solver

Faculty of Arts and Design

Visual Communication Design

Sustainable Future Creativepreneur

Faculty of Communication Science

Communication Science

Excellence in Contemporary Business Communications