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Bachelor of Communication Science Study Program

Excellence in Contemporary Business Communications

Fields of Expertise

Contemporary Business Communication
Business and Corporate PR
Cyber Journalism and Business Media
Advertising Business Strategy

Career Path

1. Leadership and Social Influencer
2. Social Media Specialist
3. Content Creator
4. Public Relations Practitioner
5. Event Organizer
6. Journalist
7. Media Planner

Bachelor of Communication Science is Excellent accredited. Within 8 semesters of learning process, students can choose between three concentration: Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising.

Based on HEPI values (Humanist, Entrepreneurship, Professional, Integrity), students are formed to become graduates that excel in international scene. Learning process includes collaborations with various profession institutes, providing students the opportunity to directly involve in industrial or academical world through Internship, National and International Conference, and Student Exchane.

By implementing the Blended Learning system, cross-study learning is executed through the Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program, and the Recognition of Prior Learning program is available for students with work experience and achievements in academic and non-academic fields.

Featured Courses

Introduction to Communication ScienceThis course is based on the consideration that students in the field of communication need to be equipped with communication science knowledge in order to provide them the ability to act as great communicators that understand communication process well. At the beginning, students will be given the basic foundation of communication science and career prospects for graduates in the field of communication science. In this course, students will learn both soft skills and hard skills. The complex skill aspect is to prepare students to become reliable communicators. This is done by studying concepts and theories in public communication or public speaking. Furthermore, soft skills emphasize humanist attitudes, thinking and acting positively, professionally, and confidently in interactions. Thus, this course is designed to develop attitudes, behavior, and public speaking skills. The attitude aspect emphasizes an understanding of effective habits that students must have, including intelligence, mutual respect between men and women, integrity, professionalism, and a humanist attitude. Behavioral aspects are built through manners of behavior and interaction. The skill aspect is built through speaking skills in daily interactions and speaking in public. Positive image not only in direct interactions but also in mediated interactions such as social media or instant messaging.
Print & Online MediaThis course will produce print and online media products, from planning to implementation and distribution. Planning in determining target readers, print and online media types, editorial, layout design, coverage implementation, editing/processing, printing, and distribution to target readers. With this course, students are expected to have experience/practice in producing print media or online media content so that students who will enter the professional world will own integrity and professional spirits in applying their abilities related to print and online media, especially in building entrepreneurship.
Movie and TV Broadcast ProductionThis course aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of television broadcast and film production. Through this lecture, students will gain knowledge, experience, and skills regarding producing complete video works for television programs and films. This lecture material will specifically provide a general overview of the types of television programs, the steps in producing television programs (information, drama & non-drama), and making films, both fiction (drama) and non-fiction (documentary), advertisements, video clips). After taking this course, students are expected to master the knowledge and skills related to TV and film broadcast production.
Social MediaThis elective course explains the current dynamics of social media in developing communication science from various perspectives, such as social, cultural, political, and economic. Apart from that, it is hoped that students can formulate social media content with the right strategies and concepts. This course provides students with aspects of soft skills and hard skills by emphasizing humanist attitudes, thinking, and acting positively, professionally, and confidently in interactions. The soft skills aspect appears in discussions about behavioral etiquette in professional environments and speaking in digital media. In this way, students can build a positive impression in direct interactions and interactions mediated by technology.
Meanwhile, the hard skills aspect is preparing students to become reliable communicators. This is done by studying concepts and theories in public communication or public speaking, individually and in groups. The provision of material is followed by direct practice, in order to prepare students to act as communicators in a communication process.


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