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Exploring Innovation Potential through MBKM Across Study Programs at Untar

3 July 2024

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In the era of globalization and rapid technological development, collaboration between disciplines is becoming increasingly important to create sustainable innovation.

Through the Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program, Untar opens opportunities for students to study across study programs, enrich their academic experience and improve their ability to collaborate.

What is MBKM Across Study Programs?

MBKM Across Study Programs aims to provide freedom for students to take courses outside their study program.

At Untar, this program allows students to explore other fields that are different from their main discipline, while still getting the appropriate semester credit units (credits) recognition.

Benefits of Interdisciplinary Collaboration

1. Enhances Creativity and Innovation
Students from different study programs can share different perspectives and approaches to a problem. This encourages more creative and innovative solutions.

2. Expanding Networks and Connections
Interacting with students from other study programs helps expand social and professional networks. This collaboration also opens up opportunities for bigger joint projects in the future.

3. Develop Interdisciplinary Skills
In the complex world of work, the ability to work in a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds is highly valued. Through Cross-Program MBKM, students can develop these skills early on.

Innovative Collaboration at Untar

At Untar, cross-program collaboration has produced many works. One of them is the collaboration of students from Business Management and Visual Communication Design study programs.

This collaboration created an effective and creative marketing campaign. This was implemented in the 20th Entrepreneur Week held at Emporium Pluit Mall, Thursday (6/6).

In addition, Informatics Engineering students who take cross-program courses in Business Management also have the potential to combine the two disciplines and create various innovations in the field of technopreneurship.

MBKM Across Study Programs at Untar is not just an academic program, but also a place to explore their potential, enrich their experience, and create innovations.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration, students can develop various skills that are relevant to the needs of today’s workforce.

With the spirit of collaboration and innovation, Untar continues to support students to become excellent individuals who are ready to face global challenges. (KJ/YS/KJ)

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