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World Music Day Celebrates the Beauty of Music

21 June 2024

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Doc: Untar PR – AW

World Music Day, which falls on June 21 every year, is the perfect moment to celebrate the beauty of music and its influence in our lives.

Music is a universal language that crosses the boundaries of culture, language and background, bringing us together in beautiful harmony.

On this special day, we are invited to reflect on how important music is in our daily lives and how it can be a powerful tool for social and cultural change.

History of World Music Day

World Music Day was first established in 1982 in France under the name “Fête de la Musique”. The idea was conceived by Jack Lang, the French Minister of Culture at the time, and Maurice Fleuret, a composer and music director.

Since then, World Music Day has grown into a global celebration involving more than 120 countries. To this day, musicians from various genres perform in streets, parks and other public places, giving free performances for everyone to enjoy.

Music and Education

In Indonesia, various educational institutions also celebrate World Music Day in their own way. Untar is no exception, through the Student Activity Unit (UKM) of Universitas Tarumanagara Choir (PSUT).

PSUT’s performance at the 2023 Christmas Celebration // Doc: Untar PR – AW

PSUT is not only a forum for students to develop their musical talents, but also to carve out various brilliant achievements, both at the national and international levels.

One of the most recent and proud achievements is PSUT’s success in winning four gold medals at the Karangturi International Choir Competition (KICC) 2023 in Semarang.

This achievement shows the dedication and hard work of all choir members, as well as the guidance and support from the coaches and Untar.

This victory not only made Untar proud, but also became an inspiration for the music community in Indonesia.

Besides PSUT, UKM Band Tarumanagara (BAR) also plays an active role in developing students’ musical talents.

BAR provides a platform for students who are interested in band music to practice, create, and perform at various events.

In April 2023, BAR also launched the album “Nightly Wander” which is available on all music platforms.

This shows BAR’s commitment to music and providing space for students to create and express themselves.

World Music Day is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of music in our lives. From soothing melodies to inspiring lyrics, music continues to be a source of happiness and comfort.

Happy World Music Day, let’s celebrate it with joy and pride.

Article compiled from several sources (KJ/AW/KJ)

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