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World Press Freedom Day Defend Freedom of Expression

3 May 2024

Oleh: Admin

Every May 3, the world commemorates World Press Freedom Day as a tribute to the fundamental right to convey information without hindrance or intimidation.

It is a moment to reflect on how vital press freedom is to maintaining a healthy democracy and empowering society.

Press freedom is not just a right, but a foundation that supports the development of an informed and engaged society. In the midst of global dynamics, the media acts as a guardian of truth and a conduit for people’s aspirations.

In every text published and every image displayed, there is the power to change opinions, spark change, and promote growth.

Without press freedom, society would be trapped in a fog of uncertainty, marginalized from crucial information, and vulnerable to manipulation.

Therefore, any attempt to suppress press freedom is a threat to the foundations of democracy and human rights.

The public plays an important role in maintaining press freedom, one of which is by checking the credibility of the information received.

When receiving information, it is important to clarify it before disseminating it so as not to be involved in the spread of false information (hoax).

World Press Freedom Day is a reminder of the rights that must be safeguarded together, as well as our collective responsibility to protect freedom of expression.

In the midst of rapid global change, let us unite in fighting for press freedom as a pillar of democracy and the foundation for a just and civilized society.

Let us join this commemoration with a commitment to support and fight for press freedom, not just on May 3, but every day, for a better society and a more informed world. (KJ/AW/KJ)