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World Health Day Emphasizes the Importance of Personal Health Rights

7 April 2024

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World Health Day is an important moment for the global community every year on April 7. Not only a reminder of the importance of health, but also a call to fight for the right to health for every individual.

The theme “My health, my right”, meaning “My health, my right”, provides an impetus to reflect on how important the right to personal health is in everyday life.

Health is not something that can be taken for granted. It is a fundamental human right, recognized by the UN in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Every individual has the right to equal and fair access to quality health services, without discrimination. Good health is the foundation for a productive and sustainable life.

Respect for the right to personal health is also closely linked to our responsibility to the environment. According to the WHO, burning fossil fuels is driving the climate crisis and taking away the right to breathe clean air, with indoor and outdoor air pollution claiming a life every 5 seconds.

As part of the academic community, Untar through the Faculty of Medicine (FK) is committed to supporting the government’s efforts in improving public health.

Through education, research, and community service, FK Untar takes part in raising awareness of the importance of health in everyday life.

The health challenges faced by the world today are very diverse, ranging from the spread of infectious diseases to mental health problems.

However, every challenge has a solution, and many of them can be started from simple actions in daily life. Every individual has a role to play in maintaining their own health. From maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, to managing stress well.

World Health Day is the perfect time to build awareness of health rights. Through education and advocacy, we can ensure that every individual is aware of their rights and has equal access to health services.

As we celebrate World Health Day, let us commit to respecting and fighting for our personal health rights. By recognizing the importance of health as a human right, we can together create a healthier and more sustainable world for future generations.

Remember, health is your right, and it’s time to take concrete steps to make it happen.

Let’s move together towards a healthier and brighter future!

Happy World Health Day.

Article compiled from several sources (KJ/AW/KJ)

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