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Untar Internal Scholarships for Even 2023/2024 Opened

25 March 2024

Oleh: Admin

For more than six decades, Untar has been consistently committed to supporting its students in achieving academic excellence and expanding access to quality higher education. One tangible evidence of this commitment is the provision of scholarships for outstanding Untar students.

Untar’s internal scholarships are an exceptional opportunity for students to receive financial support and recognition for their academic and non-academic achievements. These scholarships not only help ease the burden of education costs, but also provide additional motivation for students to continue to excel.

The following are the general requirements to apply for Untar internal scholarships.

1. Active student of Untar, at least in the 3rd semester.
2. Minimum GPA of 3.00.
3. Not currently receiving scholarships from other institutions.
4. Never received academic or legal sanctions from the authorities.
5. Fill out the form and upload documents through

If you meet the above requirements, students can register for this scholarship. There are three scholarship categories to choose from, as follows.

Category A – Underprivileged Family

This category is intended for students who come from families with poor economic backgrounds, proven by salary slips. For entrepreneurs and retirees, a certificate from the local neighborhood association (RT/RW) is required.

Category B – Highest Academic Achievement in Study Program (Prodi)

This category is intended for students who have the highest academic achievement in each study program. The quota for this category of scholarship is 3 students for each study program. The recipients of this category will be selected directly by the study program and recommended to the Student and Alumni Organization (Lemawa) to be registered directly. Therefore, this category is not available in LINTAR.

Category C – Extracurricular Achievement

This category is for outstanding students, proven by certificates. Chairpersons of student organizations under the auspices of the university are also eligible for this category of scholarship.

Registration for the Untar Internal Scholarship even 2023/2024 has been opened from March 20-30, 2024. Register yourself immediately!

For questions and further information, contact 0821 1431 8311 or 0817 5180 659. (KJ/AW/KJ)

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