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Architects Play an Important Role in Creating a Better Quality of Life and Environment

11 March 2024

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Dr. Ir. Sidhi Wiguna Teh, M.T. was a guest speaker at the Synergy Green Building Festival at Indonesia Design District PIK 2, Tangerang, Saturday (11/3).

Synergy Green Building Festival is an event that brings together renowned providers of building land, art, furniture, and landscape that aims to provide understanding to the wider community regarding the concept of environmental sustainability in the property business.

Sidhi revealed that architects or interior designers as designers of human living space must understand how living space affects human lifestyle and the environment.

He revealed that one thing that can be done is a combination of Biophilic Design Architecture and Feng Shui in space design.

According to him, Biophilic Design Architecture, which is dominated by western thinking, and Feng Shui, which is dominated by eastern thinking, play an important role in making a difference to the quality of life and the environment.

“Biophilic Design as a concept that aims to bring humans closer to nature, and Feng Shui as a concept related to time, space, and comfort are interrelated in harmony with nature, when harmoniously applied can improve the quality of human life and the environment,” Sidhi continued.

Also attending the event were lecturers from the Faculty of Arts and Design Dr. Dwi Sulistyawati S.Sn, M.T., lecturer from Institut Teknologi Bandung (Bandung Institute of Technology). Ars., lecturer of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Dr. Firmansyah, S.T. M.T., Untar students, and ITB students. (DH/AW/KJ)

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