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Public Expose 8.36 Showcases 14 Best Student Works

28 February 2024

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The Public Expose 8.36 exhibition themed “Empathic Architecture” opened on Monday (26/2) and closed on Wednesday (28/2) at Campus I Untar. This year, 14 best final project designs of students of Untar’s Architecture Engineering Undergraduate Program were exhibited for three days.

Unlike the previous years, Public Expose 8.36 was collaborated with the Architecture Humanities course with the subtheme “Architecture with Justice.”

Head of the Architecture Undergraduate Program Maria Veronica Gandha S.T., M.Arch. explained that Public Expose 8.36 is not just an annual faculty event, but also a means of publication for each Untar architecture student.

Furthermore, Maria said that the theme is related to the design approach that emphasizes the creation of spaces that are oriented towards emotional relationships between individuals.

“The application of this architectural design also involves the feelings, needs, and emotional experiences of its users,” she said.

Besides being displayed, the works were also contested. John Kevin Wiryawan won first place with the title “The Lost Traditions: A Holistic Approach to Reclaiming Its Golden Era”. Second place was won by Metta Widyanti, followed by third place by Justin.

Meanwhile, the Best Design title was won by Edy Lim, B.Arch, M.Arch, AA, IAI, CPA and Yugo S.T. who was also a judge in the Public Expose 8.36 competition. (LA/AW/KJ)

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