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Untar’s Evening Class Options for Professionals to Continue Their Studies

20 February 2024

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In the midst of busy schedules and increasing career demands, many professionals and workers find it difficult to find the time to pursue higher education. Recognizing this, Untar offers a solution that combines quality higher education with time flexibility.

Untar, which has been accredited as Excellent by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT), offers an attractive evening class program for those who wish to pursue quality education without having to sacrifice their busy professional lives. Based on the values of Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship (IPE), Untar offers a supportive learning environment for evening class students.

The afternoon class at Untar uses a blended learning system, combining face-to-face and online learning methods. This gives students the flexibility to study according to their busy schedules.

One of the advantages of the evening class at Untar is the Recognition of Past Learning (RPL) facility, which allows experienced employees or entrepreneurs/executives to obtain academic credit recognition from previous work or learning experience. This provides an opportunity for professionals to accelerate their education process.

For outstanding students, Untar offers the opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s degree in a short time, which is in 7 semesters. The lecture schedule, which is held from Monday to Friday from 17:00 – 21:00, is very supportive for employees who have busy mornings and evenings.

An interesting testimonial came from F. Andrietta Retno S, an afternoon Business Management student at Untar who also serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors at BCA Multifinance. For her, the afternoon class at Untar is the right choice because of her busy schedule that does not allow her to attend regular classes.

In addition, the RPL facility makes it easier for her to continue her education from Diploma to Bachelor’s degree so that her study period becomes shorter.

Andrietta’s learning experience at Untar also proved to be fun and memorable. By using the Microsoft Teams platform, Andrietta was able to attend lectures online while maintaining interaction and communication with her lecturers and friends.

Despite joining in a higher semester due to RPL, Andrietta felt accepted by her classmates and lecturers.

By combining high quality education, time flexibility, and support for professionals, evening classes at Untar are an attractive option for professionals who want to continue their education without sacrificing quality and career. (KJ/AW/KJ)

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