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Digital Marketing Strategy for Night Culinary MSMEs in Kwitang, Central Jakarta

20 February 2024

Oleh: JS

The night culinary industry in Kwitang, Central Jakarta, is a sector that continues to grow along with economic growth and changes in consumer behavior. MSMEs in this field have a great opportunity to contribute to the local economy. However, in the digital era, the introduction of digital marketing and brand strengthening on social media is crucial for the growth of night culinary MSMEs in Kwitang. This is important to do considering that competition between MSME players is becoming increasingly fierce, not to mention the obstacles in doing business, such as MSME regulations, changes in consumer trends, the purchasing power of the surrounding community, and other things.

Kwitang is known as a bustling night culinary center, creating opportunities for MSMEs to attract customers from various walks of life. Changes in consumer behavior that seek food recommendations through social media require MSMEs to communicate through these platforms. Digital marketing, especially through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, is a relevant solution.

While the adoption of digital marketing is not always easy due to limited resources, both financial and human, this strategy remains affordable. Education on digital marketing needs to be provided to help MSMEs understand effective strategies and measure the results of their campaigns. There are various educational programs that MSMEs can access to understand digital marketing concepts, such as Google Digital Garage, which provides free online courses on various topics, including digital marketing. Facebook Blueprint, which offers digital marketing courses, especially focusing on using Facebook and Instagram platforms for business promotion. LinkedIn Learning, which provides webinars and online courses by industry experts. They cover a wide range of topics, including digital marketing, and provide practical insights and case studies.

MSMEs can access these resources to understand digital marketing concepts, from basics to advanced strategies. A combination of online training, webinars, free resources, and community support can help them improve their skills and design effective digital marketing campaigns. The comprehensive solution involves digital marketing training, individualized consulting sessions, online community building, and periodic evaluations. The goal is to provide knowledge, skills, and support so that MSMEs can adopt digital marketing and strengthen their brand on social media. Abdimas activities carried out include mentoring through direct guidance to MSMEs in training on the introduction of market place platforms and providing an understanding of the latest market trends so that MSME players can adapt well to the development of these trends.

While measuring the competence of MSME players can be a sustainable abdimas program.

Outputs and achievement targets involve trained participants, increased understanding of digital marketing, visible brand strengthening, ability to implement strategies, formation of online communities, and successful digital campaigns. The conclusion shows the success of the program with a high level of participation and a positive impact on MSMEs.

Based on the results of Abdimas activities that have been carried out within 1 semester in the second semester of 2023, there are significant achievements in the introduction of digital marketing and brand strengthening on social media for night culinary MSME players in Kwitang, Central Jakarta. More than 80% of participants have completed the training program, opened an online store, and improved their understanding of digital marketing. 70% of participants were able to develop consistent social media content, while nearly 60% have implemented digital marketing strategies in their businesses.

These positive results are seen in the formation of an active online community, growth in the number of customers, increased sales, and improved interaction on social media. Therefore, this program has a significant impact on night culinary MSME players in Kwitang, Central Jakarta.

To maximize the benefits of the program, suggestions include continuous monitoring and evaluation, further training with the application of technology that is user-friendly and easily accessible to MSME players, collaborative strengthening, network development, joint marketing, stabilizing online stores, and measuring long-term impact. With these steps, it is expected that MSME players can continue to grow in adopting digital marketing and strengthen their brand on social media.


Volume 5 | No. 2 | | Editor: Fransisca Iriani

Joyce A. Turangan | Lecturer of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Tarumanagara


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