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Research on Trade-off Model of Project Consultant Remuneration, Syapril Janizar Earns Doctoral Degree

22 January 2024

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Syapril Janizar officially holds the title of Doctor of Civil Engineering in the Open Session of Civil Engineering Doctoral Study Program of Faculty of Engineering (FT) Untar at Campus I Untar, Monday (22/1).

Syapril successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Trade-off Model of Expert Remuneration for Project Consultant Services in Electronic Procurement Service Environment”.

This research started from the problem of remuneration price comparison or wage standard for construction experts in Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE).

Syapril said the remuneration standard set by the government has changed. Many contractors are unaware of this, leading to substandard bids.

Syapril’s research focuses on determining the trade-off model of remuneration bidding for construction project consulting services experts that is feasible to carry out planning in accordance with the required experts. This model is based on a combination of government price standards and prices offered by users of consulting services.

Trade-off itself is a sacrifice of one thing to get a benefit or advantage in another.

Based on the research, Syapril argued that the bid price of consulting experts was close to the standard price set by the National Association of Indonesian Consultants (Inkindo). This means that the bid price submitted by the consultant has met the requirements.

Furthermore, the remuneration trade-off model obtained is an analysis based on the trade-off model issued by the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) in 2000. This new model has a better effect in calculating the remuneration of expert consultants.

In addition, Syapril explained that there is an effect of remuneration in the condition of many projects and few projects in this model. Consultants can take the smallest profit value when conditions are unstable or few projects, and take greater profits when conditions are stable or many projects are available.

Syapril hopes that this research can be a reference in determining the amount of remuneration for expert project planning consultant services. In addition, the LPSE is also expected to make the results of this study as a consideration in calculating the trade-off price of expert remuneration.

Prof. Ir. Carunia Mulya Firdausy, M.ADE, Ph.D. specifically advised Syapril to continue working and innovating by always doing the best things.

The session was chaired by the Rector of Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan M.T., M.M., I.P.U., ASEAN Eng. Meanwhile, the main promoter was Prof. Ir. Carunia Mulya Firdausy, M.ADE, Ph.D. and the associate promoter was Dr. Ir. Najid, M.T.

Graduated with a very satisfying predicate, Syapril Janizar became the 76th graduate of the Civil Engineering Doctoral Study Program, Faculty of Engineering Untar. (CS/AW/KJ)

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