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FTI Yudisium, Dean Reminds Graduates to Hold IPE Values

9 January 2024

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Untar’s Faculty of Information Technology (FTI) held an odd semester 2022/2023 graduation ceremony at Untar Campus I, Tuesday (9/1). The ceremony was led by Dean of FTI Prof. Dr. Ir. Dyah Erny Herwindiati, M.Si.

In her speech, Dean of Faculty of Information Technology Prof. Dr. Ir. Dyah Erny Herwindiati, M.Si. reminded the graduates to maintain the good name of Untar in the professional world. She hoped that the values of Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship (IPE) will continue to be held by the graduates.

Michelle, one of the graduates, admitted that she enjoyed studying at FTI Untar. According to her, a good lecture environment helped her gain many relationships during her studies.

“The study programs in FTI have been accredited A, making finding a job in the professional world easier,” said Michelle.

On the other hand, Welco as a student representative advised the graduates to continue to be enthusiastic and never give up in entering the world of work. He argued that effort will not betray results as long as graduates give their best effort.

This Yudisium graduated 128 students. 49 students came from Informatics Engineering Study Program, and 79 from Information Systems Study Program.

Job fairs organized with partners and FTI alumni were also held to open graduates insights regarding the professional world and trends in the field of information technology. (YI/AW/KJ)

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