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8 MBKM Programs that Students Can Know

5 December 2023

Oleh: Admin

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) released Merdeka Belajar policy as an educational transformation step to create Indonesia’s Excellent Human Resources (HR).

One of the initiatives of this policy is Kampus Merdeka. This program provides opportunities for students to develop their abilities and explore the world outside the campus according to their interests and talents.

By participating in the Kampus Merdeka program, students will not only get recognition for SKS conversion, but also valuable experience outside the study program and university environment. Students can also explore knowledge from qualified and reputable partners.

There are eight Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka activities that students can participate in:

1. Certified Internship
Through this program, students will have the opportunity to learn and develop themselves for 1-2 semesters through direct work experience in industry or the professional world. Not only hard skills are obtained, but also honing soft skills that are crucial in preparing for the world of work.

2. Certified Independent Study
This program is intended for students who want to hone the competencies sought by business and industry through activities outside of lectures. As long as they meet the requirements of the program offered, students can take cross-disciplinary studies.

3. Student Exchange
Like lectures in general, this program provides experience for students to take part in lecture activities outside the campus, both nationally and internationally. Kemendikbudristek has facilitated through 2 programs, namely the Merdeka Student Exchange (PMM) for the national scale and the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) for the international scale.

4. Teaching in the Education Unit
After gaining knowledge through lectures, students can contribute to the world of education through this program. Kemendikbudristek has provided a Teaching Campus program that aims to prepare students with various expertise, students will become partners with teachers to innovate learning, develop strategies, and create creative, innovative, and fun learning models in various schools throughout Indonesia.

5. Research or Studies
This program aims to train students’ critical thinking and innovation skills. The hope is that students will be able to improve their research skills, so that they can contribute to various disciplines at the higher education level.

6. Humanitarian Project
Students can develop humanitarian activities independently to overcome existing problems in accordance with their respective interests and expertise through this program.

7. Independent Entrepreneurship
This program opens opportunities for students to learn and develop as future entrepreneurs through activities outside of lectures. Through collaboration with various universities, students will be involved in entrepreneurial learning that builds the spirit of entrepreneurship, gains entrepreneurial experience, and improves student employability.

8. Village Building / Thematic KKN
Students will be invited to actively contribute to the community through this program. It not only sharpens soft skills, but also builds cross-disciplinary collaboration and student leadership in managing development programs in rural areas.

Please note that each program has different terms and conditions.

Further information regarding the 8 MBKM programs can be seen at