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Dutch Professor Gives Innovation Insight at FTI Untar

30 November 2023

Oleh: Admin

Professor of Computational Bio-imaging Leiden University Netherlands Prof. Dr. F.J. Verbeek was present as a guest lecturer in a public lecture of the Faculty of Information Technology (FTI) Untar, Thursday (30/11) at Campus I Untar.

Themed “Technology Innovation, Making Achievements”, Prof. Verbeek presented a presentation entitled “Computational Bio-imaging: a Paradigm of Multidisciplinary Scientific Computing”.

Prof. Verbeek explained the concept and application of Computational Bioimaging as a new paradigm in the world of computer science that touches many fields at once. He highlighted how to utilize computer technology for medical purposes. It is hoped that this technology can be applied to have a positive impact in the world of health.

In addition, Prof. Verbeek also provided insights related to technological innovation with a focus on the development of machine learning and deep learning using various methods.

Prof. Verbeek admitted that he was happy to have the opportunity to attend Untar. According to him, Untar has diverse students, a comfortable academic environment, and has the full support of the leadership, lecturers, and students. This makes the lecture atmosphere very supportive for exchanging ideas and experiences.

Also attending the event were Head of Rating Office Bagus Mulyawan, S.Kom., M.M., Dean of FTI Prof. Dr. Ir. Dyah Erny Herwindiati, M.Si. along with FTI leaders, lecturers, and students of Untar. (KJ/AW/KJ)