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Caring for Adolescent Mental Health, Psychology Students Hold Free Seminar

22 November 2023

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Students of Untar’s Faculty of Psychology organized a seminar “Gembira: Young Generation Dares to Overcome Anxiety” at Auditorium Campus I Untar, Wednesday (22/11).

This event was in collaboration with several high schools in Jakarta, including IPEKA Christian School, Madrasah Aliyah (MA) Istiqlal, and Kristoforus 1 High School.

The guest speaker was psychologist Anggun Meytani Pohan, M.Psi, Psikolog.

According to Anggun, anxiety can be overcome with the APEL technique (Acknowledge, Pause, Let Go, and Explore). Acknowledge means noticing and acknowledging the disturbing thoughts of uncertainty, followed by Pause, which means pausing and breathing.

The next step is Let Go or letting go of thoughts by thinking everything will pass. Finally, Explore or exploring the present moment.

Chief Executive Marcelia said that this seminar was held out of students’ concern for teenagers. According to her, teenagers need more guidance and knowledge to recognize and overcome anxiety.

“This seminar is devoted to educating about mental health. Therefore, we collaborate with several high schools in Jakarta,” continued the 2021 student.

Also attending the event were the leaders of the Faculty of Psychology, lecturers, and students of Untar. (ZR/AW/KJ)

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