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Untar Supports the Establishment of APRSI to Meet the Need for Psychologists in Hospitals

17 November 2023

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The Indonesian Psychological Association (HIMPSI) as the parent organization of the psychology profession in Indonesia welcomes the Declaration of the Indonesian Hospital Psychologists Association (APRSI) as the 21st association within HIMPSI.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the HIMPSI Central Board Dr. Andik Matulessy, M.Si., Psychologist in the first APRSI Declaration held at the Faculty of Psychology (FPsi) Untar, Friday (17/11).

Dean of FPsi Untar Sri Tiatri, Ph.D., Psychologist in her speech said that this declaration is a form of great attention to the increase and development of the needs of psychologists who work in various hospitals.

In addition, the formation of this association is one of Untar’s supports in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the 3rd aspect of Good Health and Well-Being and the 17th aspect, namely Partnership for the goals.

“This form of cooperation between Untar as a higher education institution that educates psychologists as psychological health service personnel, synergizes with APRSI to achieve the goal of psychological health and well-being for the wider community,” she continued.

The Chairperson of APRSI, Dra. Dian Kristyawati Habsara, M.Si., Psychologist, said that the purpose of the association is to provide a forum for hospital psychologists to channel their aspirations, express their creativity, and contribute to positive things related to the profession of psychologists in hospitals.

“The presence of APRSI is a form of real contribution from psychologists to overcome various mental health problems in the context of higher quality and accessible health services,” said Dian.

Dian hopes to increase and develop the competence of psychologists working in the realm of public health in the future. This is a concrete form of psychological service practice in supporting the realization of the mental health of the Indonesian people.

The Declaration activities attended by APRSI members and FPsi Untar leaders included the inauguration of the first APRSI chairman, the inauguration of the Indonesian Hospital Psychologist Association (APRSI) management for the 2023-2027 Period by the Chairman of PP HIMPSI Dr. Andik Matulessy, M.Si., Psychologist, and a Seminar with the theme “Professionalism and the Role of Psychologists in Hospitals”.

Responding to the formation of this association, Rector of Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan, M.T., M.M., IPU, ASEAN Eng. congratulated APRSI while assessing the importance of APRSI to provide a forum for professionals to continue to be able to develop themselves, share information and knowledge, and provide quality standards of service for patients and of course advocacy for members.

“We hope that APRSI, which was established at Untar, can develop into a professional association and provide the best service for all stakeholders,” he concluded. (AW/YS/KJ)

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