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Fermanto Lianto Becomes the First Architecture Alumnus of Untar to Receive Professor Status

10 November 2023

Oleh: Admin Pusat

Prof. Ar. Dr. Ir. Fermanto Lianto, M.T., IAI received the Decree of Minister of Research and Technology as Professor of Faculty of Engineering (FT) Untar. The decree was handed over by the Head of Higher Education Service Institution Region III (LLDikti III) Prof. Dr. Toni Toharudin, S.Si., M.Sc. on Friday (10/11) at LLDikti III Building, Jakarta.

This achievement makes Prof. Fermanto the first alumni of the Untar Architecture Undergraduate Study Program to obtain the title of Professor of Architecture Science.

Prof. Fermanto hopes to be able to practice the science of architecture for the nation and state through his new position, in accordance with the foundation of Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship (IPE) values adopted by Untar.

“Of course, I am very grateful to God. Hopefully in the future, I can continue to raise my spirit and learn, and always be humble,” said Prof. Fermanto.

In addition, Prof. Fermanto hopes that the establishment of Untar’s Doctoral Program in Architecture can be realized soon.

Rector of Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan, M.T., M.M., I.P.U., A.E. said this achievement makes the number of professors printed by Untar this year to four. Furthermore, the Rector revealed that this number will continue to grow.

In particular, the Rector gave appreciation for the support and facilities provided by LLDikti III so that Untar could again get a new professor.

Meanwhile, the Head of LLDikti III said that with the increase of professors, the quality of education will be better. Hopefully, the achievement of professors will continue to increase.

In addition to Prof. Fermanto, there were seven other professors who also received the decree. Prof. Fermanto himself became the 78th Professor in the LLDikti III region in 2023.

Prof. Fermanto obtained his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Untar. Prof. Fermanto then continued his Masters in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Construction Management at FT Untar. He completed his Doctor of Architecture degree at Parahyangan Catholic University.

Prof. Fermanto has also served as the Head of Architecture and Planning Department of FT Untar for the period 2018-2022, and holds the title of Professional Architect from the Indonesian Architect Association. (ZR/YS/AW)