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FTI Untar Holds Thanksgiving, Celebrates Two Achievements

9 November 2023

Oleh: Admin

Faculty of Information Technology (FTI) Untar held a celebration in order to obtain excellent accreditation of Information System Study Program (Prodi SI) in Seminar Room FTI 11th Floor, Campus 1 Untar, Thursday (9/11).

In his speech, Head of Information System Study Program Dr. Dedi Trisnawarman, S.Si., M.Kom. appreciated all academicians who have played an active role in improving the academic quality of Information System Study Program. According to Dedi, this role has made SI Study Program able to achieve Excellent accreditation from LAM INFOKOM.

Thanksgiving was also held to celebrate the 31st anniversary of Informatics Engineering (IT) Study Program. Dean of FTI Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Dyah Erny Herwindiati, M.Si. hopes that in this 31st year, IT can follow SI to get Excellent accreditation in the upcoming re-accreditation process.

“Although Informatics Engineering has achieved A accreditation, efforts continue to be made to ensure its quality and achievements remain optimal,” said Prof. Dyah.

As a series of events, the Metaverse Competition “Create Your Own Metaverse” was also held on November 6-9, 2023. This competition is a competition to create a Metaverse world for high school and vocational school students in Jabodetabek. In this activity, participants were given basic Metaverse training in the form of workshops using VRChat.

The Dean of FTI hopes that this competition will not only be a competitive event, but also can provide valuable experience and useful provisions for all participants for the future.

Chief Executive of “Create Your Own Metaverse” Darius Andana Haris, M.T.I. announced that SMKN 6 Jakarta won the first place. Followed by Bukit Sion High School and Sinar Dharma as the second and third winners. This decision was the result of a jury assessment consisting of OmniVR Tech Lead Hendy Sofjan, S.Kom. and Cliffen Allen from Locos Game Studio.

Rector of Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan, M.T., M.M., I.P.U., A.E. who attended the event expressed his hope that the new knowledge gained from this competition could be utilized positively.

In particular, the Rector also expressed his appreciation for the acquisition of Superior accreditation by the SI Study Program. He hopes that FTI students and lecturers can continue to contribute in achieving achievements and work more broadly, to produce new professors.

Also present were the Rector of the 2000-2008 period Prof. Dr. Ir. Dali Santun Naga, M.M.S.I., leaders of universities and faculties at Untar, and students of FTI Untar. (KJ/AW/KJ)