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37th SKETSA Illustrates the Experience of Sound in Architectural Space

29 May 2023

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Students of Architecture Study Program of Faculty of Engineering (FT) Untar launched the 37th edition of SKETSA magazine entitled “Spacesonic”, Monday (29/5) at Lawang Gallery, Campus I Untar.

Head of Architecture Study Program Maria Veronica Gandha, S.T., M.Arch. in her speech expressed her hope that SKETSA magazine can maintain its performance and quality along with the times, especially in facing digital development.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Bachelor of Architecture Alvin Hadiwono, S.T., M.T. said the title “Spacesonic” is relevant to the phenomenon of sound or noise interaction with humans. He added, Spacesonic discusses the comfort and experience of sound in a space.

Chairman of the Tarumanagara Architecture Student Association (IMARTA) Dominikus Gusti Wihardani said the role of SKETSA magazine is very large in building a family in the Untar Architecture Study Program. Dominikus advised that “Spacesonic” can be a legacy for the SKETSA committee and evidence of the development of the Untar Architecture study program for its readers.

The launch of “Spacesonic” was accompanied by an exhibition related to the experience of sound in the scope of architecture. The exhibition runs from May 19 to June 10, 2023 at the Lawang Gallery located at the Untar Engineering Building, 8th floor.

SKETSA magazine was first released in 1988. Every year, this magazine becomes a forum that allows students to be creative and respond to current issues surrounding the world of architecture. (VW/YS/AW)

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