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Untar Team Obtains Millennials and Young Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship Grant

23 May 2023

Oleh: Admin Pusat

Untar team managed to obtain grant through Entrepreneurship Competition Grant (HoKi) Season 2 held by Indonesian Economic Bachelor Association (ISEI) in Graduation Day event, Tuesday (23/5) at Pegadaian Kenari Building, Jakarta.

This program was held by ISEI Jakarta with PT Pegadaian, strives to increase entrepreneurship by millennials. HoKi also support young entrepreneurs to actively contribute in building Indonesian economics.

Aside of Untar Team, there are 10 other teams that managed to obtain grants from 144 teams participated. These 10 teams will receive training throughout HoKi program.

Rector of Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan, M.T., M.M., IPU, AE that attended representing participants’ universities stated that this program will be better if combined with MBKM activities existing in the world of higher education. Therefore, every student participating in this event could compete in focus.

“Later on, students will learn at ISEI and PT Pegadaian, therefore, their economic knowledge will be beneficial, and after graduated from HoKi, they will be able to contribute directly in the field to help increase Indonesian economics through job field creation for the society,” said Rector.

Expert Staff for UMKM Finance and Development of the Ministry of BUMN Loto Srinaita Ginting said that in 2045, Indonesian citizen will enter productive age, where 70% of them will be around 15-64 years old. She believes the participants are the future gold generation.

Furthermore, Loto also invites all Rectors and lecturers to help prepare younger entrepreneurs to be able to be highly educated entrepreneurs.

HoKi Program not only gives grant to winners, but every winning team will be trained and mentored by experts and practitioners in the field of UMKM, therefore, they will be able to develop their businesses after graduation. (DW/YS/AW)

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