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Message of the Head of LLDikti III for Educational Transformation in Untar’s Hardiknas Event

2 May 2023

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Untar commemorates the 2023 National Education Day (Hardiknas) with awarding ceremony to lecturers, students, and staffs with achievements. This event was also attended by the Head of Higher Education Service Institute Region III (LLDikti III) Dr. Ir. Paristiyanti Nurwardani, M.P., Chief of West Jakarta Metro Resort Police, Police Chief Commissioner M. Syahduddi, S.I.K., M.Si., representative of Dandim 05/03 West Jakarta Infantry Major Manatap Rajagukguk, S.E., M.H., and leaders of Tarumanagara Foundation, Tuesday (2/5) at Untar Campus Auditorium.

Students with academic or nonacademic achievements, in national or international level, were awarded in this event. Several recipients are Karmenia Jessica Kurnia Niaga and Eldy in PCC East Asian Medical Students Conference 2023: Nepal Scientific Poster Category, Denis Marchello and Jessica as the winner of 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Esperansya Desmonda Woen as the Best Speaker in ICAEW Indonesia Business Challenge 2023, and Jhon Michel and Ravi Hardian who received gold medal in World Invention Technology Expo 2022. In total, there are 149 students awarded by Untar in this Hardiknas event.

Furthermore, Head of Public Relations Office Dra. Paula T. Anggarina, M.M. also became an award recipient for good performance and public relations role in social media management.

Head of LLDikti III Paristiyanti Nurwardani stated that Untar managed to receive various awards in Ministry and LLDikti III level due to the achievements of lecturers and students.

“Every achievement from Untar is the victory of the whole academic community, which always focuses on the Higher Education Tridarma, MBKM, and IKU,” said Paris in her speech.

She also asked Tarumanagara Foundation, Untar Leaders, and the whole academic community to achieve in the field related to educational transformation, which are Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) and eight higher education primary performance indicators (IKU).

Rector of Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan, M.T., M.M., I.P.U., AE said that the achievements are the result of Untar synergy, which active in collaboration with all Untar partners.

He added, in the future, more joint achievements are needed in order to increase Untar’s performance, while also motivates students to create achievements by working on positive activities.


Togetherness in Halalbihalal, Shows Culture of Riau

In this Hardiknas event, halalbihalal was also held as a form of togetherness between Untar academic community and all stakeholders, including media which have contributed positively in building Untar’s reputation.

The halalbihalal, which themed “Untar untuk Indonesia: Celebrating Victory in Joint Achievement”, shows Culture of Riau through dance performance and “Lancang Kuning” song. Bara’an lebaran tradition in Bengkalis Region was also shown. Bara’an means “visiting neighbors together”. During Bara’an, the host prepares food in many forms. The Bara’an tradition has been performed through generations and has become a cultural legacy preserved by Bengkalis people. (DN/YS/AW)


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