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Introduce Entrepreneurship, BEM Fikom Held Business in Digital Era Seminar

16 March 2023

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Student Executive Board (BEM) Fikom Untar held HEPITALK 2023 Seminar themed “Building Digital Entrepreneurship Through Financial Freedom”, Thursday (16/3) at Untar Auditorium.

This event presented Co-Founder of Sambal Bakar Indonesia Benjamin Master Adhisurya and Lecturer of FEB Untar Rini Tri Hastuti S.E., M.Si., AK., CA.(P). as speakers.

Dean of Fikom Untar Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si. in the opening stated that this seminar covers four cultural values of Fikom Untar, which is HEPI. Humanist in caring others, Entrepreneurship particularly in taking advantage of opportunities, Professionalism in mastering the field, and Integrity in having noble personality.

Meanwhile in his presentation, Benjamin Master Adhisurya, often called Iben, said that social media could be utilized as a great promotional platform by entrepreneurs if used correctly.

He suggests to use the social media for two-way interactions, not only one-way media that only conveys information.

“Do not use social media like the others, only one-way. Use social media as a platform to socialize with your customers,” said Iben whom also a content creator.

Meanwhile, Rini emphasized on the importance of financial management. She explained tips for students in order to open an enterprise since youth. Discipline is important in managing finance, to determine the needs of life, and the desire to please oneself.

“The first thing to do is manage finance. Before you start a business, make sure you are able to manage own finance,” she said.

HEPITALK 2023 is aimed to educate the youth, particularly students, regarding entrepreneurship from entrepreneurs and academicians.

“We hope participants will able to learn how to be modern entrepreneurs,” said the Head of Committee William Reinhard Adam. (DN/YS/AW)

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