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FPsi Untar Lecturer Discusses Key to Relationship Goals

28 February 2023

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Untar collaborated with Rahasia Gadis organized a talk show themed “Let’s Talk About Relationship Goals, Real or Not?” at Untar Auditorium, Tuesday (28/2).

Head of Untar Public Relations Dra. Paula T. Anggarina, M.M. welcomed the collaboration between Untar and Rahasia Gadis. In her welcoming speech, Paula believes this event will positively influence Untar students that attend this event.

“I hope this event will be beneficial. Let’s be a positive person,” said Paula.

Talk show presented lecturer of the Faculty of Psychology (FPsi) Untar Debora Basaria, S.Psi., M.Psi., Psikolog, Content Creator, Make Up Artist (MUA), and Entrepreneur Gisela Kilisya, and Relationship Content Creator Gwyneth Evelyn as speakers.

Debora stated that optimal relationship, widely known as “relationship goals”, is desired by current younger generation. This makes several teenagers rush to start a relationship with their counterparts.

According to Debora, starting a romantic relationship needs a mature decision as the initial step to a healthy relationship. It means, someone must be willing to spend time, attention, happiness and grief, and increase tolerance.

“In principle, a healthy relationship is a relationship that has an open communication to each other, dare to speak what they feel and think,” explained Debora.

Meanwhile in Psychological Science, Debora stated the existence of I-Message communication pattern. This communication pattern is used between two persons to avoid conflict by communication to make partner understand what they feel.

“The power of I-Message is tremendous. Good communication skill is one of the key to success in a relationship,” said Debora. (DN/YS/AW)