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MM Judicium Prepares Students to be Leaders

25 February 2023

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Lecturer of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Ir. Suhartono Chandra, M.M., CODP presented “The Whole Mind Leadership” in Master of Management (MM) Judicium, Saturday (25/2) at Untar campus.

This presentation is the Graduate Training Seminar, which function is to strengthen and prepare students to be leaders in professional or entrepreneur world.

Suhartono explained the whole mind leadership concept, that becomes more relevant after the pandemic.

According to Suhartono, whole mind leadership is a type of leadership that utilizes four human thinking abilities, which are Thinker, Challenger, Dreamer, and Lover. Every thinking ability produces three leadership roles, therefore, there are 12 leadership roles known as Whole Mind Leadership.

Furthermore, Suhartono explained human’s ability to think. “Thinker is a leader that relies on logics, challenger is a leader that likes challenges, dreamer is a creative leader, and lover is a leader that cares with the team,” explained the CEO of Paramount Consulting.

The 12 leadership roles are regulator, planner, administrator, motivator, achiever, competitive, innovator, change agent, trend watcher, role model, parent figure, and mentor.

Suhartono expects MM graduates to utilize this leadership model to become more relevant and able to compete the increasingly dynamic professional or business world.

“I believe you are ready to be leaders, to be Whole Mind Leaders,” closed Suhartono. (AW/YS/AW)

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