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Lecturer of FK Untar Suggests Parents to Watch for Diabetes Symptoms in Children

11 February 2023

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A report released by Indonesian Pediatrician Association recently reveals an increase in the number of children with Diabetes Mellitus. Per January 2023, the number increases 70 times compared to 2010. Most of children with diabetes are between 10-14 years old (46,23 percent).

In response to that, lecturer from the Faculty of Medicine (FK) Untar Dr. dr. Naomi Esthernita F. Dewanto, Sp.A(K) says that there are several factors that could cause Diabetes Mellitus in children, such as genetic, environmental factors, immune system, and pancreatic beta cell disorder.

According to Naomi, parents must be aware to symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus in children as early as possible in order to take preventive actions. Symptoms that must be observed are children tend to eat, drink, and urinate more, which also known medically as 3P: polyphagia, polydipsia, polyuria. Aside of that, other symptoms include weight loss and prone to fatigue.

“Parents whose children are affected by Diabetes Mellitus are encouraged to routinely check their children’s blood sugar level, stand by their children during insulin therapy, look after their food and drink consumption, and exercise regularly,” explained this pediatrician.

She added, this disease is incurable, but children may live a normal life, just like other children, if the blood sugar level controlled.

Naomi suggests parents to take preventive actions by looking after their children food and drink consumption, and reducing carbohydrate and sweets.

“It is better to consume food rich in fiber and consume more fruits, vegetables, and seeds and nuts,” she emphasized. (YS/AW)

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