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Untar Law Expert: Judge to Construct Based on Logics | Video

23 December 2022

Oleh: Admin Pusat


Brigadier J murder case trial is still ongoing. Several experts have been presented as witness by Public Prosecutor on the trial, expressing different statements. “In the practice (of law), there are dynamics, that means one statement does not simply rule out other existing evidence,” explained Untar Criminal Law Expert, Dr. Hery Firmansyah, S.H., M.Hum., MPA in Special Report News broadcasted live on Kompas TV, Friday (23/12).

Furthermore, Dr. Hery also said that the missing recordings that act as evidence means that a problem exists. He suggested that if the recordings act as a supporting evidence in defense context, the recording will not be erased. “That is the logical question. I think the judge will be able to construct based on logics,” Dr. Hery said.

Dr. Hery also said that witnesses’ statements do not bind judge’s decision. “The judge is in liberty to decide whether the witnesses’ statements support in clarifying the case, or not,” he continued.

Watch this video for more information: