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Fikom Untar Excellent Accreditation Evidence of Support from Various Parties

1 November 2022

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Bachelor of Communication Science Study Program, Faculty of Communication Science (Fikom) Untar received Excellent accreditation certificate from the National Higher Education Accreditation Board (BAN-PT). The predicate was obtained through BAN PT Executive Board Director Decree No. 8893/SK/BAN-PT/Ak.Ppj/S/XI/2022 valid from 15 November 2022 through 15 November 2027.

Dean of the Faculty of Communication Science Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si. stated that this Excellent Accreditation is the result of joint effort which supported Communication Science Study Program in the implementation of the Higher Education Tri Dharma. Aside from Communication Science Study Program Academic Community, support also came from lecturers of other faculties, practitioners, and partners.

“Excellent Accreditation of Communication Science Study Program can only be achieved through the support of various parties, not only internal from academic community of Communication Science Study Program. The Foundation has provided the best infrastructure and facilities. Rector and university leaders have provided guidance and facilitated the faculty in daily management, especially in the implementation of MBKM program,” added Dean.

The 16-years-old Fikom Untar is based on Humanist, Entrepreneurship, Professionalism, and Integrity (HEPI) values. This faculty also owns various achievements such as no. 1 in Sinta Kemendikbudristek version and owns various Sinta 2-accredited journals.



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