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Rapid Change is a Challenge for Students

19 October 2022

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Technology, climate, demography, and culture change rapidly and massively, becoming a challenge has to be faced by current students. Therefore, students must develop their value, become smarter, all-rounder, and fast-but-precise thinkers.

Young generation must possess competency in various fields. Students, who are a part of young generation, must obtain as much experience as possible, possess strong mentality, master basic skills, and continuously develop themselves in this rapidly growing era.

The statement was stated by Public Relations of Higher Education Service Institute Region III (LLDIKTI Region III) The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) Dhita Widya Putri, S.I.Kom., M.Si. as the main speaker of webinar titled “A-Z of Working World: From the Perspective of Government Public Relations” held by the Faculty of Communication Science (Fikom) Untar, Wednesday (19/10) online.

Dhita also explained the scopes of work inside government public relations and the difference with public relations in the field of business.

“Government public relations not only forms institutional image and conduct public service, but also fulfills public rights to access information and communicate,” said Dhita.

This webinar which also attended by the Head of Public Relations Untar Paula T. Anggarina is a part of Practitioner Week held by Fikom. Practitioner Week is a webinar event which presents various speakers of professional world related to communication world.



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