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Lecturers and Students Potentially Produce Extraordinary Works

18 August 2022

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Lecturers and students need to collaborate in order to achieve expected learning achievements/ Students involvements also needed to be increased through various activities and more suitable appreciations.

Students have the potential to produce extraodinary works, which can still be increased. Therefore, performance-based assessment on students would be a very good addition.

Rector of Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan, M.T., M.M., I.P.U., A.E. said the statements during Untar lecturers meeting in line with the start of odd semester 2022/2023 period at auditorium, Thursday (18/8).

He added, Untar is currently in a good position among private universities in Jakarta with all of its achievements. This means Untar has to put a much larger effort to maintain it. This condition makes Untar becomes an example for other universities.

This meeting also discussed learning method in new normal era after prolonged learning from home during the pandemic. The meeting was closed with the handover of Lecturer Academic Position Letter of Assignment. -SC/YS-


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