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Bachelor of Architecture Study Program

Creating Architects that Holds Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurial Skills

Fields of Expertise

Engineering Architecture
Urban Architecture
Interior Architecture
Historical and Restoration Architecture
Architectural Technology Engineering

Career Path

1. Professional Architect
2. Interior/Furniture/Graphic/Web Designer
3. Developer/Contractor
4. Building Appraisal
5. 3D Artist/Architectural Photographer
6. Architectural Researcher
7. BIM Manager

Bachelor of Architecture Study Program is A-accredited, with an emphasis on Urban Architecture learning equipped with a comprehensive architectural design studio.

There are four specializations of science: architectural exploration/experiment, interior architecture, urban and environment architecture, and technological engineering architecture.

The program follows the development of architectural practice, architectural experiments, technological advances, and the exploration of architectural science applied in various works. The results of these students works are exhibited regularly through Show Case Exhibition and Public Expose. Articles in the form of architectural researches are published and discussed in Architectural Science Dialogue, as a development of architectural science.

The curriculum is designe to produce graduates able to think cirtically and comprehensively, putting architectire as a part of urban ecology, advancement of digital technology and architectural computation, and possess Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurial spirit. The learning implements the Blended Learning System, namely across Study Programs through the Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program.


Featured Courses

Architecture Design Studio 1Architecture Design Studio 1 provides knowledge of how architecture built from ideation, abstraction to the simulated structure. The class will train the students to think through a combination of 2D and 3D simulations built manually in accorxance to the model. The students will learn how to recognize the architectural space through their body, body movement and the apparatus in their surroundings. Students will also be introduced with some techniques to manipulate space and material expression. The class will be concluded by making an architectural project with a single program. Through this, students will learn and exercise their architectural knowledge and skills in the form of architectural story, architectural drawing and models as project representation.
Visual Representation 1Visual Representation 1 trains visual arts competencies as an important part of architectural knowledge. The focus of learning is the ability to represent various visual objects and media through hand drawings. Each exercise given has different levels and stages, from a single object to complex object composition. The final aim of this course is students to be able to represent hand drawings that have aesthetic and artistic value.
History of Architecture 1The History of Architecture 1 course has two learning stages. First, students will learn to understand the meaning of architecture through various literature, views from experts and the relationship between humans, space and built environment. Furthermore, architecture is seen as a part of the development of culture and civilization. The second is to understand the history of architectural development in Indonesia - Indonesian architecture (traditional and vernacular) and the development of regional (local) architecture.
Praxis of Technology 1Praxis of Technology 1 course will provides basic knowledge about how structural systems work and the construction of a simple building. Students will explore the working principles of a structural system related to stiffness, strength and robustness. Students will deepen various knowledge about simple engineering mechanism and force loading on a structural system.


Design Studio

Computer Laboratory


News & Achievements

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Gokart Team of Untar Bring Home Four Trophies

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