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Bhayangkara Day Commemorates Police Services and Devotion

1 July 2024

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Every July 1, Indonesia commemorates Bhayangkara Day.

This day is an important moment to commemorate the services and sacrifices of members of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) in maintaining security and public order.

History of Bhayangkara Day

Bhayangkara Day originated from President Soekarno who issued the 1946 Government Stipulation Number 11/S.D. concerning the establishment of the Police Djawatan. This decree came into effect on July 1, 1946.

This decree marked the birth of an independent police institution, tasked with protecting, nurturing, and serving the community and enforcing the law.

The Important Role of the Police in Public Life

As the front guard in maintaining order and security, the National Police has a very crucial role in people’s lives.

1. Maintaining Security and Order
The police are responsible for maintaining public security and order from various threats, be it conventional crime, terrorism, or other security disturbances.

2. Law Enforcement
The police also act as law enforcers, ensuring that every citizen complies with the applicable rules and laws. This includes handling criminal offenses, investigations, and prosecutions.

3. Public Service
Polri provides various public services such as the issuance of Driver’s License (SIM), Police Record Certificate (SKCK), and other services that facilitate the community in fulfilling administrative needs.

4. Protectors and Guardians
The police act as protectors and protectors of the community, providing a sense of security and comfort in everyday life.

The Role of Students in Supporting the Police

As students, we also have an important role in supporting the work of the National Police. By being law-abiding citizens, active in positive activities, and establishing good cooperation with police officers, we participate in creating a safe and conducive environment.

Bhayangkara Day is the right time to give appreciation to all members of the National Police for their dedication and service.

In the midst of various challenges and risks, they remain steadfast in carrying out their duties to maintain order and security of the nation.

Not just a ceremonial commemoration, Bhayangkara Day is also a moment of reflection and appreciation for the services of members of the National Police.

Happy Bhayangkara Day, let us together appreciate the hard work and continue to support the efforts of the National Police in creating security and order in this country.

Article compiled from several sources (KJ/YS/KJ)

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