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National Awakening Day Becomes a Moment to Reflect on the Spirit of Nationality

20 May 2024

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Every May 20, the Indonesian people commemorate National Awakening Day. This moment marks the rise of national consciousness and the spirit of struggle against colonialism spearheaded by the establishment of the Boedi Oetomo organization in 1908.

History of National Awakening Day

In the early 20th century, awareness of the importance of unity and education began to grow among Indonesian youth.

Dr. Wahidin Soedirohoesodo was one of the figures who pioneered the idea of the need for educational funds for Indonesian children.

This idea received widespread support until on 20 May 1908, Boedi Oetomo was founded by Dr. Soetomo and a number of students of the School tot Opleiding van Inlandsche Artsen (STOVIA) in Batavia.

Boedi Oetomo became the first organization that aimed to improve the dignity of the nation through education and unity.

Meaning and Reflection in the Modern Era

National Awakening Day has a very deep meaning. It is a symbol of the nation’s awakening from adversity towards independence and sovereignty.

In the modern era, this spirit must be maintained and developed. The struggle is no longer against foreign invaders, but against various challenges that can hinder the nation’s progress, such as poverty, ignorance, corruption, and social disintegration.

Technological developments and globalization open up new opportunities and challenges. Indonesia’s young generation needs to have a spirit of innovation and creativity, as exemplified by the founders of Boedi Oetomo.

Education and unity remain the main keys in facing this digital era. In addition, the spirit of gotong royong and social solidarity must continue to be nurtured to deal with various social problems that exist.

Implementation at Untar

The young generation is the successor of the nation’s struggle. They are expected to take an active role in national development.

Untar cannot escape the obligation to educate the next generation of the nation. Through the implementation of Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship (IPE) values, Untar is committed to producing a generation that is not only academically smart, but also has high social awareness.

Through Humanities courses, students are encouraged to continue implementing the spirit of state defense in social life.

Not only that, through research and community service, students and lecturers of Untar can become the driving force of positive change in the community.

National Awakening Day is not just an ordinary commemoration, but a historical reflection that reminds us of the struggles of our predecessors and inspires the younger generation to continue to advance the nation.

Let us make National Awakening Day a moment of reflection and strengthening our commitment to continue fighting for the progress of the nation and state.

Article compiled from several sources (KJ/AW/KJ)

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