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Strengthening Internationalization, Untar Introduces Indonesian Culture in Vietnam

26 April 2024

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Untar held an international community service (PKM) “Cultural Outreach Program” on Friday (26/4) at FPT University, Hanoi, Vietnam. This activity aims to introduce Indonesian culture to Vietnamese students.

Dozens of FPTU students who attended the event were given batik training with tote bag media and traditional dance.

The batik lesson was delivered by Dean of FPsi Untar Sri Tiatri, S.Psi., M.Si., Ph.D., Psychologist and Manager of PKM Untar Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) Dr. Hetty Karunia Tunjungsari, S.E., M.Si.

FPTU Students Making Batik // Doc: Untar PR – AW

Hetty said this program is an important step in opening cultural insights related to intercultural differences and similarities.

“This program not only enriches global knowledge, but can also strengthen relations between Indonesia and Vietnam through a deeper cultural understanding,” said Hetty.

Meanwhile, as dance speakers, Untar Psychology student Anisa Husnul Khotimah taught Goyang Karawang dance from West Java, and Untar Law student Jelita Damai Sofia Lorenza Sihite taught Tor-tor dance from North Sumatra.

Anisa and Jelita explained that this event received positive responses from FPTU students. They said they were happy to see the enthusiasm of the participants.

“FPTU students are very enthusiastic about learning Indonesian culture. They are quick to learn so that at the end of the day we can perform the dance well,” said Jelita.

They also expressed their appreciation to Untar for giving them the opportunity to participate in the international PKM event.

On the other hand, FPTU student Tranh Tuan Phong thanked Untar for this event. He revealed that the FPTU students were enthusiastic to learn about Indonesian culture.

“Thank you Untar for this interesting introduction of Indonesian culture. We will come to Indonesia one day,” added FPTU student Yen Tran Thi Hai.

Untar delegation with FPTU students // Doc: Untar PR – AW

Implementation of Untar Collaboration in Vietnam

The international PKM event was part of the Untar delegation’s visit to Vietnam to implement Untar’s collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi and two Vietnamese universities, which was inaugurated in January.

In addition to the international PKM, the collaboration was also implemented in an international conference themed “Collaborative Research and Technology Partnerships for Global Impact: Higher Education and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” at Foreign Trade University (FTU) Vietnam, Wednesday (25/4).

The international conference was attended by hundreds of participants from various countries, including Hungary, the Netherlands, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Turkey, Germany, the United States, and Indonesia.

Untar International Conference at FTU Vietnam // Doc: Untar PR – AW

Rector of Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan, M.T., M.M., I.P.U., ASEAN Eng. said that these activities are a form of implementation of “Untar for the World”. He hoped that Untar’s internationalization will be stronger through Untar’s contribution in education and community service outside Indonesia.

“Untar through its various advantages can contribute directly by collaborating with the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi and several institutions to build higher education and encourage world-class innovation,” said the Rector.

He explained that Untar has also carried out many international collaborations with countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

“We believe that this collaboration will make a positive contribution to the advancement of education and research, not only for Untar and its international partners, but also for Indonesia and the world,” said the Rector.

Rector giving souvenirs to FPTU // Doc: Untar PR – AW

In particular, the Rector expressed his appreciation to the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi and the two universities that have facilitated Untar during its stay in Vietnam. The Rector hopes that this collaboration can continue and produce outcomes that are useful for the world community.

Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam Denny Abdi said that cooperation between Indonesia and Vietnam can benefit both countries but also the region and the whole world. However, in achieving this, support from various parties is needed, especially universities.

According to Denny, cooperation between Indonesian and Vietnamese universities can encourage innovation as a solution to global problems.

Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam as Keynote Speaker // Doc: FTU

“I believe universities have a big role in social and economic development,” said Denny.

In particular, Denny expressed his appreciation to Untar for holding internationalization activities in Vietnam. He hopes similar activities can be emulated by other Indonesian campuses.

“We are also happy with this collaboration so that more and more campuses have strategic thinking to partner science with industry, as Vietnam has widely done,” Denny said.

This is the third time Untar has visited Vietnam. In mid-January, Untar visited several universities and industries to formalize cooperation in various fields.

Then, in March, Untar was invited by the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi to represent Indonesia at the international conference “Meet Indonesia”. (AW/PA/KJ)


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