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FEB Untar Students Won Second Place in Business Case Competition MCMC 2023

10 November 2023

Oleh: Admin Pusat

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) All is Well student team won second place in the Business Case Competition MCMC 2023 at Musi Charitas Catholic University Palembang. The final activity was held for two days and closed on Friday (10/11).

Consisting of Juwita Djaruma, Dessy Febriany, and Jovita Damayani Tjipto, the All is Well Team was challenged with problems related to low brand awareness and digital utilization to increase sales in the motorcycle spare part industry.

Answering this, the All Is Well Team provided a solution with the 360Xpand strategy, “Beyond Strategy: Unlocking Victory With The Elevate Strategy”. This strategy focuses on using e-commerce platforms and social media to increase brand awareness by creating bundle packages, rewarding loyalty, and collaborating with motorcycle communities to increase sales.

This idea is called “The F2BD: Fusion to Build Delight Strategy” and was presented at the final stage on the second day, Thursday (9/11).

Juwita said that the competition was quite challenging because the chosen theme is rarely found in competitions. In addition, the FEB team has never had a similar theme in other competitions.

“The case was about the motorcycle spare part industry and it happened that all team members did not know much about it. It was quite challenging to make the strategy, but we were able to get through it,” said Juwita.

Meanwhile, Dessy said that this competition honed her analytical and strategic skills.

“Very grateful to win this dynamic competition,” added Dessy.

MCMC 2023 is an annual management competition organized by the Management Study Program of Musi Charitas Catholic University Palembang. This year, the competition is themed “The Power Of Youth Communication World” with the aim of developing students’ potential in developing innovative ideas that utilize the power of communication in the digital era, especially those related to the role of the younger generation. (ZR/AW)