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Untar Collaborates with to Improve the Quality of Lecturer’s Writing

23 October 2023

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Untar in collaboration with held a Popular Scientific Article Writing Training, Monday (23/10) at M Building, Campus 1 Untar.

Rector of Untar Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan, M.T., M.M., I.P.U., A.E. hopes that the training can improve the quality of writing of the lecturers to improve their personal reputation as lecturers as well as Untar’s reputation. Managing Editor Laksono Hari Wiwoho and Desk Column and Legal Consultation Desk Editor Sandro Gatra attended as speakers. Both speakers trained the participants to make scientific work into popular writing.

Laksono Hari Wibowo said that the emergence of social media encourages readers to prefer short writing. Laksono discussed that writing is a permanent form of research. For this reason, scientific work needs to be turned into popular work so that it can be read by many people.

According to Laksono, there are important preparations needed in writing a popular article.

“Know the character and target of your readers, make sure the media, the theme, and the language used are suitable for the intended readers,” said Laksono.

Meanwhile, Sandro Gatra explained the input for Untar articles to be more popular. Some of them are opinion writing techniques and avoiding technical language by simplifying the language used.

The event was also attended by Head of Learning Resources Center Office Dr. dr. Arlends Chris, M.Si., Head of Public Relations Office Dra. Paula T. Anggarina, M.M., as well as lecturers and students of Untar. (VW/AW)

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