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Improve Competence, PSUT Holds Mid-Year Concert

27 August 2023

Oleh: Admin Pusat

Tarumanagara University Choir (PSUT) organized a mid-year concert titled “Sing! Bonafide” at Campus 1 Untar, Sunday (27/8).

PSUT Chairman Theo revealed that the theme was chosen as a reflection of singing with full confidence in creating harmony and symphony, exploring the beauty that exists in music.

The hope is that this concert can be a place to increase the competence of PSUT members to continue to be able to make PSUT proud in the national and international arena.

Bonafide itself means doing something with confidence and/or noble desire.

During the event, an award was also presented to PSUT Music Director Adi Nugroho for his ten years of service to PSUT.

The concert, which was attended by Indonesian choir enthusiasts, was also part of PSUT’s preparation for the Karangturi International Choir Competition 2023 in Semarang next November.

PSUT is one of 25 UKM in Untar and has produced various national and international achievements. (AW/AW)