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Office Interior Design Trend Seminar Presents Kokuyo Japan Practitioner

22 May 2023

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Bachelor of Interior Design Study Program, Faculty of Arts and Design (FSRD) in cooperation with Kokuyo Furniture Indonesia, held the IDETalk Office Interior Design Seminar, Monday (22/5) at Untar campus. The seminar which themed “Workstyle and Working Furniture Trend” presented Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Research Coordinator Yuki Kanamori, and Project Leader Specialist Yojiro Kinoshita as speakers. Both are from Kokuyo Co. Ltd, Japan.

In his presentation, Yuki explained how online working changed office design priorities drastically. Office design, which formerly focused on building grandeur and luxury, now implements functional concept that focuses on the employees.

According to him, office design needs to fulfill employees’ lifestyle in order to motivate them in working at the office.

Furthermore, Yojiro explained his focus on developing chairs during his 30 years experience at Kokuyo Co. Ltd. The “Ing Chair” product became one of his primary development innovation, which introduced in 2017.

He explained, the development of this product took a lengthy process, innovation, and design consideration. Ing Chair is targeted to give comfort and new experience to its user. Designed and perfected during the Covid-19 pandemic, this product is expected to increase productivity, both at the house or at the office.

“In designing chairs, we need to consider the function, mechanism, gravity, and the utilization of the chair,” he said.

Head of Bachelor of Interior Design Study Program FSRD Maitri Widya Mutiara, S.Ds., M.M. said that the IDETalk seminar is a platform for student ideas development, whille also add experience and practical knowledge in interior design.

This seminar is an implementation of cooperation between FSRD Untar and industry, in which is Kokuyo Co. Ltd and shows the contribution of the faculty in supporting the Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program. (VW/YS/AW)

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