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FSRD – FIKOM UNTAR Grabbing Gift Aid Education Funds From 7 – Eleven

14 April 2015

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Applying the knowledge given during college on a firm, will lead into tangible results. Students of the Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD) and the Faculty of Communication (FIKOM) from Tarumanagara University (UNTAR) has been involved in a research program on the potential community behaviour, especially for young people and their consumption habits in the future. This research program financed by the 7-Eleven (PT. Modern Putra Indonesia) as a national company with the cooperation partner Tarumanagara University academics in the framework program “7-Eleven Consumer Insight Research”. In the end the student-FIKOM FSRD UNTAR managed to collect research data and provide a pretty good presentation at the 7-Eleven.
Monday, March 25th, 2013 the 7-Eleven held an education award fund in connection with a summary of the results of student research FSRD-FIKOM UNTAR. The event also invited: Dr. Harry Eko Susanto, M.Si (Dean FIKOM), represented by Drs. Widayatmoko, MM (Deputy Dean FIKOM), Ruby Chrissandy, M.Ds (DKV Prog Ka-FSR), Edy Chandra, S.Sn, M.Ikom (Sek Prog-FSRD DKV), Yuliana Tasno, S.Sn., MM (Research Supervisor FSRD), Siska Aulia, SIKom (Research Supervisor Fikom).   During the event, the gift of education fund are divided into two categories. The first winner with prize Rp. 6.000.000, – given to students FSRD; Sherly Wijaya Edward, Elika Intan, Henny Puspita, Joshua Deni Prakoso, Eunike Halim and Geri Refinaldi. While the runner get Rp. 1.500.000, – given to students FIKOM; Fandi Jayadi, Fanny Santoso, Windy Handy Wijaya, Karina, Dolly, Yenie, Stephanie Yunita, Jovendi Angriawan, Michelle, Devy Purnawan, Stephanie Jennifer, Saraswati Maharani, Natalia Christina Tania, and Kristin Agustriana.
The education gifts aid were given as a symbolic representation of each faculty. It was given directly by Henri Honoris to representatives. At the end of the dinner event held with the audience. Henri Honoris invited to see the direct results of research students whom implemented in stores 7-Eleven in Jakarta. In addition, specifically the DKV-FSRD also visited to the lab demonstration at Fuji Modern Lab, as 7- Eleven’s partner company. During the visit also presented a commercial photo box engine technology that will soon be introduced to the public soon. Commercial product photo box machine is already using multi-touch technology on the LCD screen with touch interface design on the printout.   In the future, between the PT Modern Putra Indonesia and UNTAR hope to established better and more interesting forms of cooperation. The PT Modern Putra Indonesia opened wide as possible for academicians UNTAR especially FSRD-FIKOM to join as a reliable human resources and creative in the future. Parties FSRD-FIKOM UNTAR hope PT Modern Putra Indonesia could become a factor for the students study later in the conduct of their study practices. (ECH)

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