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Marco Wijaya Sabet Juara Dua Sayembara Arsitektur ‘Satu Ruang’ 2018

10 Juni 2018

Oleh: Humas UNTAR


A student of UNTAR’s Architecture Study Program from the Faculty of Engineering, Marco Wijaya, wins 2nd place in the 2018 “One Room” architecture & interior design competition. The competition with theme “Designing Public Spaces for The Mental health of The Community”, hosted by Pelita Harapan University, is held at the Art:1 New Museum Artspace in Jakarta.

The event is divided into several stages. Contestants are given time to work on their creations from 9th March to 15th May. The judging stage will be finished by 24th May 2018. Judging and exhibition period begins from 8th to 10th June 2018 with Yori Antar (architect), Cosmas Gozali (Architect), Revano Satria (Architect), Iwan Satrawiguna (Interior Designer), and Rahajeng Ikawahyu (Psychologist) as the judges.

Marco is proud and overjoyed for his outstanding achievement. This is a very valuable experience for him and he feels thankful for the support and appreciation he receives from UNTAR that allows him to make it that far in the competition.

“I hope that UNTAR’s architecture students can participate more in other activities to prove that UNTAR’s architectural study program is one of the best,” he said.

The Theme of “One Room 2018” regarding mental health is centered on the emotional disturbance caused by high population densities. This disturbance creates an individualistic lifestyle that highly reduces a person’s desire to interact with other people or even express themselves to another person; which in the end may trigger a degradation of an individual’s mental health.

Through this event, the public gains increased awareness and social empathy. Primarily the students of the architecture and interior design study programs could work to create designs that would ultimately answer the needs of the community and be able to prevent any future mental health related complications that might arise within the Indonesian society.(DC/CH)

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