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PRO Fikom Untar 2017 Activity

23 November 2017

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On 23rd November 2017, UKMF PRO FIKOM UNTAR cooperating with MAKE OVER to held a Beauty Class event. This event was held at 11th floor Fikom Untar with 48 participants. The FIKOM UNTAR PRO publication activities had proven the participants not just in Fikom, but other faculties and some participants from high school too. The PRO event runs well, Make Over brings 6 professional makeup to provide learning to all participants. From the event, each participants not only get skill in makeup, but also a certificate, the journal and products from Make Over. The participants are enthusiastic in following the Make Over gifts. This event begins with the remarks from Make Over, then the make up practice for all participants followed by a contest gift distribution and ended with the closing of the event’s chief executor Elsa Susanto. The purpose of this event is to introduce PRO institution from FIKOM Untar. (PRO)[

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