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National Seminar on Communication and Entrepreneurship

21 November 2017

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National Seminar on Communication and Entrepreneurship Public Relation Transformation Paradigm in Digital AgeFaculty of Communication Science Tarumanagara University Cooperate with ASPIKOM Wednesday, November 29, 2017, Pk. 09.00-13.00, Room 1106 Floor 11Faculty of Communication Science Tarumanagara University   The existence of new media in the globalizastion era becomes an opportunity as well as its own challenges in the scope of its utilization for the interests of companies, institutions and individuals in establishing communicative and effective relationships with all stakeholders. It is undeniable that public relations becomes one of the important elements for companies in communicating with audiences. Public relations is at the forefront of building external communication. Furthermore, in management, public relation build external communication. Even in various literatures it is said that public relations officials are part of a dominant coalition. The dominant coalition is top management in companies which makes strategic decisions. Meanwhile, the dynamics of society driven by technological advances penetrated all areas including communication. Of course its impact affects the business world. Corporations must apply technology to support the business undertaken. Moreover, the public relation should quickly adapt to these developments including Fikom students who will later plunge in the professional world. Fikom Untar students who are expected to become entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of communication, especially public relations must prepare their ability to face the challenges that currently occur. One way to gain further insights into the development of public relation world is to hold seminars that invite practitioners. Based on that, Fikom Untar organizes a national seminar which will become the regular agenda every year. This seminar is named “National Seminar on Communication and Entrepreneurship”. While the theme chosen for this year is “Transformation of Public Relations Paradigm in the Digital Age” This national seminar activity is expected to add insight, enlighten lecturers, students and practitioners who care about the development and contribution of the field of communication science, especially about human interaction in the world of cyber in this era of globalization.[

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