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Thesis Is Life Experience

14 November 2017

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Tarumanagara Science Communication Faculty;s Student Cut Eldina Kulsia who is undergoing thesis, successfully meet Mr. President Joko Widodo during on his son wedding in Solo 8th November 2017. Thesis which tell about “Vlog Jokowi” brought Cut came to Solo, Cut invited by Pro Jokowi (Projok) community to attend the wedding. Cut feel happy to come and experience the atmosphere that happened during the journey to Solo. In Solo, Cut went directly to Mr. President’s house to meet Mr.President Joko Widodo. With her efforts, finally Cut took pictures and shake hands with President Joko Widodo. Cut also doing in-depth observation and interviewing several people related to her thesis. “Joy, proud, and touched because my efforts in meeting Mr.President Joko Widodo. This is extraordinary in my opinion. This thesis will be my unforgettable experience in life.” said Cut. (SP)

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