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Intel Nervana AI Academy Webinar

13 November 2017

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On Thursday, November 9th, 2017, Intel Nervana AI Academy held the technical seminar which discussed several topics in data science, machine learning, and deep learning. The speakers of the seminar were Bob Duffy (Manager Student Ambassador Program), Niven Singh (Manager AI Student Developer Community), Ben Odom (Intel Developer Evangelist), dan Meghana Rao (Developer Evangelist).

fti_untar_intel_nervana_webinar_events_e6Intel Nervana AI Academy is the initiative from Intel, as one of the well-known technology company in the world, in the field of artificial intelligence, or also known as AI, that can be commonly found in our daily life nowadays. Research on AI has focused on studying an intelligent system or agent. Recently, a lot of talks in the field of AI has centered on the machine learning, which studies algorithms that can make predictions based on learning the patterns from existing data. Various tasks, such as spam email detection, online product recommendation, self-driving car, and video games, have implemented machine learning methods successfully. Through Intel Nervana AI Academy, Intel provides programs to help university students conduct research and innovation in the field of AI. They also have Student Ambassador program as an opportunity for the students to showcase their research.

By participating in this seminar, FTI Untar students will be able to learn about recent advancements in AI. Moreover, they have been involved in several AI research at FTI where they have built several products such as batik motifs recognition system, AI medical diagnosis system for diabetes and schizophrenia, hand movement-based mouse control, land cover detection from satellite imagery, Indonesian news aggregator, and much more. FTI Untar also offers neural network, machine learning, and deep learning courses in the curricula for the concentration in AI and data science. This seminar can motivate them to innovate and produces more quality work in AI research.

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