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Higher Education Must Support Anti-Hoax

8 November 2017

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“Hoaxes, inciting information which cause uncertainty in maintaining Indonesia’s peaceful and just pluralism”, said Drs. Eko Harry Susanto., M.Si when delivering speech entitled “Social Media, Hoax Spreading, and Threat of Diversity” in front of the graduates of Untar at Jakarta Convention Center, Saturday (28/10). According to the political communications expert who once was the Dean of Fikom Untar, in looking at the power of social media in spreading false news, the higher education world should support the antihoax movement to fight misleading news. “Hoaxes, potentially dividing the plurality which is often favored, and not the same with the youth vowed 89 years ago,” said Dr. Eko Harry Susanto who is currently the Director of Untar Curriculum. (YG)

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