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2017 National Assembly With Mr.President Joko Widodo

26 Oktober 2017

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untar.ac.id/fikom – Monday, October 23, 2017 at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran organized 2017 National Conference with theme “Building for the Prosperity of the People”. The event, hosted by the Presidential Advisory Council, was held in order to receive new suggestions, criticisms and ideas on development which have been carried out during the 3 (three) years of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Yusuf Kalla’s leadership. This 2017 National Assembly is the culmination from series of efforts to gather suggestions from various regions in Indonesia in Regional Reward form, and was conducted in 16 universities from Aceh to Papua. The Regional and National Consultative Meetings conducting academics, experts in various fields, practitioners, parliamentarians, local governments, community and mass media. The results of the National Consultative Meeting on that night were also received directly by President Joko Widodo who was present with the ministers of the working cabinet, as well as high officials of the TNI and Polri. In the event, the Communication Faculty Dean, Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si., participated in the drafting of “Caring for the Diversity and Strengthening NKRI”

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