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Pre-Preparation of KKNI Scheme for Communication Auditor’s Expertise

17 Oktober 2017

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Wednesday, 11th October 2017, RI Communication and Information Ministry held a Pre-Preparation of KKNI Scheme for Communication Auditor’s Expertise. There are 50 academic world representatives that will discuss KKNI Drafts about Communication Auditor Expertise. 50 pre-convention members were divided into three groups that will discuss for 3 auditor categories, the young, middle and main.

The plenary conclusion become inputs to drafting team to compile the final KKNI documents for Communication Auditor Expertise which will be completed in upcoming November. The meeting was held at Cemara Hotel, conducted by Prof. Dr. Gati Gayatri, MA. Human Resources Communication, accompanied by representatives of the Directorate of Standardization of Competence and Training of Work. On this occasion, Pj Dean of Faculty of Communication Science Tarumanagara University, Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si attended as one of the group discussing participants. (RL)

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