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Optimistic in External Evalutaion Monitoring RISTEKDIKTI

13 Oktober 2017

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The Faculty accomplishment can be seen from its lecturer’s researches on achieving the RISTEKDIKTI Grant Research. On previous year, the research that was conducted by Fikom Untar has won the grant from Dikti with the application of Applied Product Grant Sceme. Researchers who have receive the grants are required to participate in external evaluation and monitoring which was held at Syarif Thayeb Building, 12th floor Campus A Trisakti University at 12,13,14 October 2017. The M&E is to find out the researchers process and results that has been done by Fikom Untar lecturer during this time. Furthermore, the external monev also provide recommendations to lecturers in order to develope their research in second year. On this occasion Fikom Untar fielded two research teams. The first team to participate in the external monev with the Applied Product Grant Scheme is Dr. Eko Harry Susanto, M.Si., Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si., and Ahmad Junaidi SS., M.Si.

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