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The Basic Leadership Training of IMALEKTA

22 Juli 2017

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SENTUL, WEST JAVA – 24 participants attended the Basic Leadership Training (LDK) organized by IMALEKTA (Tarumanagara Electrical Engineering Student Association). The participants themselves came from the Department of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Program of Tarumanagara University, especially from the generation of 2016. This activity is held on Jl. M.H. Thamrin Sentul City, Citaringgul, Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java 16810 which is the Wisma Padepokan Voli. This activity takes place on May 12 – May 14, 2017. This Basic Leadership Training (LDK) activity is one of the annual work programs organized by IMALEKTA in Tarumanagara University Electrical Engineering Program. This year, LDK IMALEKTA takes the theme “Spark your Spirit, Break Your Limit”. LDK was participated by 24 participants. Through this activity, is expected to foster the spirit of leadership and spirit of brotherhood for each participant. In addition, it is expected that through this activity, the participants can train cohesiveness, honesty, and other moral values ​​that can be grown and developed. The LDK activities are held in the form of sessions and outbounds. In the sessions, various materials are presented on the basis of leadership and organizational benefits, and there are also self-introduction and personality sessions that are expected to help participants in the process of moral formation and morals by recognizing their personalities. Meanwhile, through outbound activities, it is expected for the participants to be able to socialize in groups like in an organization and also learn to apply the concepts of leadership that have been previously submitted. In this kind of LDK activities, the vision and mission are also very basic, with the aim to provide supplies to the participants, especially new students who will begin to enter in an organizational. Various important values ​​were embedded in this activity so that the vision and mission can be achieved. After this activity, it is expected that the participants can better know about the organizational system and dare to take part in it so that it can participate and advance the organization that followed. “A leader is not born just like that, but he was born from a long process and full of barriers is the process of forming mental, character, and personality since childhood.

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